I'm YUUEN, a fan creator of primarily Ferdibert (HuFer) work.

Ferdinand P5 SMS Art


I'm always working!
Last Fic Update: 30 April 2024

All Fools in Love Cover Art


I post exclusively on AO3. Most of my work is E-rated. Please mind the tags.

Hubert x Black Butler Art


I used to draw. I still do, but I used to, too.

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Hubert icon by Yuuen


30s, they/he, united states

  • I am firmly left-right fixed Hubert/Ferdinand.

  • Additionally, I am a Ferdibert monoshipper — I do not ship them with anyone else.

  • I do my best to primarily feature fellow HuFer artists and writers, but I rarely RT some art labeled FerHu. This is only if the image or content is ambiguous enough. I do not RT explicit or clear FerHu.

  • That said, I support all Ferdibert fans and creators (thank you for keeping this ship going strong!). I'm so grateful for everyone's hard work and shared love for Hubert and Ferdinand in whatever form.