Alias: Yuuen
Birthday: 18 June


Gender: Genderqueer
Pronouns: They/Them, He/Him
Ethnicity: SE Asian + white
Enneagram: 5w4
◦ Autistic
◦ Aromantic + Asexual
◦ Magical Witch Boy + Devotee of Hermes

Hobbies & Interests

Writing, roleplaying, D&D, video games, tarot, witchcraft, the occult, demonology, mythology, ancient Greece, Hermes, art history, ASMR, milk tea, rose-flavored or -scented anything, fragrance in general, non-fiction (books, podcasts, documentaries), Reddit, 80s music, Daiso, miniatures, trains, black and gold


I got ships too.

A Note on my Pronouns

They/Them/Theirs is always safe and preferred. gendered language doesn't bother me (hey girlie, sup dude, guys, etc.).Online I prefer they/them/theirs or he/him/his. Either are good, no need to mix them up every 2 seconds because I find that confusing.Offline I only feel comfortable with she/her/hers offline and from people very close to me.


OTP: hubert/ferdinand [fe3h]
(exclusively top hubert)


  • seteth/mbyleth

  • sylvain/felix

  • dimitri/felix

  • dimitri/claude

  • [pretty much any kingdom boy]/ashe, esp yuri/ashe, felix/ashe, and dedue/ashe

  • dedue/dimitri

  • mbyleth/mshez

  • jeritza/mbyleth

  • jeritza/felix

  • mbyleth/linhardt

  • claude/lorenz

  • balthus/yuri

  • sylvain/yuri

  • hilda/marianne

  • edelgard/dorothea

  • dimitri/byleth

  • dimitri/edelgard (fight me)

  • seteth/yuri (this is a new one but I kinda fuck with it)

  • I could go on forever tbh so I'm stopping it here


  • ren amamiya/goro akechi [p5r]

  • yusuke kitagawa/ren amamiya [p5r]

  • hannibal lecter/will graham [hannibal] (is it even a ship anymore if it's canon?)

  • niles/leo [fe:fates]

  • barok van zieks/kazuma asogi [tgaa]

  • barok van zieks/herlock sholmes [tgaa]

  • ryunosuke naruhodo/susato mikotoba [tgaa]

  • phoenix wright/maya fey [aa] (hot take, I know)

  • arthur/merlin [bbc merlin]

  • gwaine/merlin [bbc merlin]

  • geralt/jaskier [the witcher]

  • yennefer/triss [the witcher]

  • sidon/link [zelda: botw]

  • ganondorf/link [zelda] (yeah I said it)

  • urbosa/zelda [zelda: botw]

  • gavin reed/connor [dbh]

lowkey I just think everyone should be gay tbh
(this is why there are so few straight ships here, my b)


I support your right to ship whomever you like but these just aren't for me. so if I don't follow you or like your beautiful art, friends, this is likely why. despite this, I am cheering you on from the sidelines to put your art and fics out there including these pairings! keep fandom alive and have fun!

  • hubert/anyone but ferdinand, ferdinand/anyone but hubert [fe3h] (especially hubernie and ferdithea)

  • bottom hubert (I'm sorry lol)

  • felix/annette [fe3h]

  • link/zelda [zelda] (again, fight me)

  • hank anderson/connor [dbh] (I love them as a father/son non-romantic relationship and that works for me)